Watercress, goats cheese & asparagus tartlet

Crispy sesame noodle nest, pea, broad bean & coriander pesto

Spiced kohlrabi & courgette bite, lemon, tahini & coconut yoghurt

Summer squash taco, green tomato salsa, jalapeño crema


Salmon, tarragon oil, lime, garlic bruschetta

Chermoula prawn skewer, tzatziki

Crab cake, whipped tarragon butter

Sea bass ceviche tostada, pineapple salsa, avocado, pickled red onion


Steak bite, chimichurri

Caramelised pork belly, cucumber ribbon

Chorizo scotch egg, Dijon mayo

Sherry honey chicken, garlic & rosemary aioli


White chocolate & rhubarb eclair

Grilled pineapple, rum, mint, brown sugar

Dark chocolate & raspberry cheesecake

Key lime pie

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