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Daisy, Lily & Emily met at university and all spent time living in China, where they learnt to speak Mandarin and developed their special relationship with international food by exploring a wealth of different Chinese cuisine whilst they were there. Daisy & Lily founded Dinner Ladies in 2015 with Emily joining in 2017.

Daisy is a trained and experienced chef who made a name for herself in Beijing, introducing British desserts to Chinese palates as well as establishing the supper club concept for herself there. She was awarded Gold during a culinary competition for her Italian Fish Soup against numerous other chefs and has appeared on a cooking television programme.

Lily has always been passionate about food and travel, dedicating time to live and travel in Asia and the US to broaden her knowledge. She co-founded Dinner Ladies after working as a European specialist, has experience in public relations and is a published travel and food writer.

Emily trained at the Cooks Academy in Dublin before heading east to Shanghai where the vast array of exciting foods throughout Asia further inspired her cooking. Having spent the last two years working at a London-based art gallery she has now decided to pursue a full-time career in the catering industry.

Our food and events have been featured by one of The Guardian’s Food Critics, Absolutely Magazine, Women of China magazine, The Nudge, Twenty Something London, London Popups, Design My Night, Grub Club and the Handbook.


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